Saturday, 24 July 2010

Selling my creations

I've done it! I've opened a folksy shop and am trying to sell my creations.

I've not been able to have my sewing machine out for the past couple of years as Jake (my little dude) just wanted to destroy it or himself with it. But now he's two and a bit easier to handle so I've got a tiny bit more time to myself. It's so nice watching him pootle about in the garden, chasing the chickens, whilst I'm sewing at the table with the doors swung open.

So what is my stuff all about? I LOVE fabric! My beautiful friend, Simone, sent me over a load of fabric leftover from her quilting and I knocked up the first Goldfish Bowl Girl applique picture and decided to make a bag to put it on. I sent it to Simone but missed it so decided to make another one for myself. It got so many compliments from friends and family I thought I'd try to sell one. And so my Folksy shop was born!

So, in between clearing up porridge, wiping noses, saving the chooks and washing up, I'm busy at my machine and constantly looking at my email to see if I've sold anything yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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