Friday, 22 October 2010

Folksy Friday 22 October 2010


Why is it that I'm always surprised when Friday comes along and I'm all unprepared to do my Folksy Friday selection.  Hope you like my selection of bunnies I've found within Folksy.  There are some adorable ones out there.  Boing boing boing!

For more info about Folksy Friday, have a look here

Pink & White Bunny - £10.95
Hester Hares - £15
Bunny in Birds & Trees Shirt - £20
Hand knitted mummy bunny - only £2.50!
Design a bunny kit - £8.50
Poppy bunny rabbit - £13.50

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  1. The box of hares are great - I love the shape of them. x

  2. Amazing post! I love bunnehs!